Collective nouns for cats!!! (ENGLISH)

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Collective nouns for cats!!! (ENGLISH)

Message par Invité le Dim 7 Nov 2010 - 14:10

here a list of collective nouns to start the subject; please to add some more as we go along!
-clowder of cats
-clutter of cats
-glaring of cats
-pounce of cats
-dout of cats (house cats)
-nuisance of cats (house cats)
-kendle of cats (kittens)
-kindle of cats (kittens)
-litter of cats (kittens)
-cluster of cats
-colony of cats
-nuisance of cats

& for fun=
- A box of Havanah brown
-a cup of javanese
-a trip of Californian spangle
-a skein of Sphinx
-A Forest of Norwegians
-A state of Maine Coons
-A pile of Persians
-A monsoon of Bombays
-A Knitting of Angoras
-A whining of Siamese
-An empire of British Short Hairs
-A cornucopia of Cornish Rexes (clotting)
-An island of Manx
-A co-operative of Russian Blues
-A collective of Russian Blues
-A lighting of Tiffanies
-A huddle or smoking of Havanas
-A mooch or mess of Moggies
-A flopping of Ragdolls
-A paddy or sunset of Asians
-A bay of Bengals
-A peal of Balinese
-A temple/squawk of Burmese
-A sum of Somalis
-A dazzle of Devon Rex
-A Purrbox of Birmans
-A kerfuffle of Korats
-A chasm of Abyssinians
-A scintilla of Burmilla's
-A spotting of Ocicat's
-A takeaway of Tonkinese
-A sling of Singapura's
-An orgy of Orientals
-A seam of Scottish Folds
-A sinister of Sphinxes
-A fang of Foreigns
-A variety of Variants
-A Turkish van-load
-A sleigh of bobcats
-A grin of Grand Champions
-A pride of Premiers
-A fantasy of felines
-A catalogue of cats
-A commotion of cats
-A convention of Charteux
-A tinful of toms
-A brotherhood of Balinese
-An armee of Abyssinians
-A clan of Scottish fold
-A chine of japanes bobtail
-An oven of ragamuffins
-A house of Ragdolls
-A goulak of Siberians
-A breath of nebelung
-A box of Toygers
-A weyr of Dragon Li


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