Sarina, such a lovely cat

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Sarina, such a lovely cat

Message par dhallepee le Mar 14 Oct 2008 - 23:44

it was a long long time ago.
in 1997, we began breeding with 3 cats coming from Nil Blanc cattery (Dianick Masson) : Elendril, Elinor and Fleur.
We knew we would have to find other maus because of inbreeding factor.
With Internet, we contacted Becki and Stephen Bergeron. At this time, american breeders were very hesitant to sell breeding stock to unknown young foreign breeders. But they accepted to help us and sold us Tavaron's Kiyasa. They also introduced us to Dot Brocksom and we could buy Brockhaven Sen-sen. This is how Fondcombe could begin seriously egyptian mau breeding.

When we returned from Egypt with Sâhouré, we decided to return the help we had got, and I took a plane to go to Philadelphie with an offspring of Sahouré and a King Charles baby (named Rèverie) for Becki

I spent a famoulous week in Philadelphia with so nice friends. and when I was to return to Paris, Steve offered me a splendid nice young female mau : Sarina (I think he first intended to keep her for himself). Such a splendid cat ! Such a splendid gift !

Sarina has been a very good line and participated to the great adventure of mau in France. She made many exhibitions and was granted 'Grand Champion d'Europe'. Then she retired from shows and from breeding.

Now, I have few cats, but she is one of them : it's a long lasting love story beetween she and me. And she is the living trace of the deep friendship between AIME breeders over the ocean.

All the cats we got from our 3 american friends are marvelous cats with extraordinary temper. They have been of a strong importance in our breeding. And they all have been so lovely. Every day, Sarina is there to speak to me about all of them.

grand champion d'europe
grand champion d'europe

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Message par Félix le Mer 15 Oct 2008 - 16:20

beautiful story that I did not know

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