Maslama our shy boy

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Maslama our shy boy

Message par dhallepee le Mar 13 Jan 2009 - 15:38

Maslama was born in Egypt, & is our first egytian import. we needed a new blood line and went in Cairo to find an Egyptian Mau . The cat we had expected to bring back to France was not conformed to mau standards and It took me a full week to find this very lovely kitten : Maslama. chat
He has a nice warm bronze coat: rich in contrast & no rufus input ! Exactly what I wanted & searched for...

having never spent much time in closed human contact before, Maslama is pretty shy but not at all agressive.
Although he is not type of cat spending time in our arms or on our knees, he is always wanting to be with us.
He is quite happy to stay at home & do not like to be shown around.

He grew up to become a very beautiful cat (Sire), very solid (9 kilos, all muscular !) & fathered some wonderful and solid kitten. portée

Now retired, he has gracefully put on some weight lol! & must be as heavy as a Maine Coon lol!
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Re: Maslama our shy boy

Message par brian's le Dim 5 Aoû 2012 - 22:40

Do you have more pictures to show us of this boy as he is quite well known , thanks in advance


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