AIME code of ethics

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AIME code of ethics

Message par dhallepee le Mar 4 Aoû 2009 - 13:56

AIME proposes a code of ethics to its breeders:

"The purpose of this document is to remind and clarify the key-points of our optics of breeding. Every applicant to the status of “A.I.M.E.-approved breeder, as well as any A.I.M.E. member registered as “Mau owner” willing to breed occasionally, must sign it, thus committing onseself to fulfill all its clauses."

This Code of Ethics was established in order to :
- be a guide of good practices to avoid mistakes that could be damageable to the breed
- to guarantee the future mau owner that every precautionnary measures have been taken to protect him against bad events.

AIME guarantees are more than the legal obligations.

Cat is a living being. Nobody can forecast how, during his life, he will chang regarding health, beauty, temper or how he will interact with his human family. But we do everything we can to avoid problems that can be forecast. Unforecastable problems are out of our possibilities.
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